2000+ Headshots | 5 Star Reviews!

2000+ Headshots | 5 Star Reviews!

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+260  (5 Star) Reviews On Google

William Robinson Avatar
William Robinson
7/12/2021 - Google

Do yourself a favor and book now!! I absolutely LOVE my headshots and use these headshots for everything important!The photo session was fun, enjoyable, and didn't take too long. They told me exactly what I needed to do with tilting my head just right to get the best angle. With that and everything they did with the lighting and editing, the final pictures I got were superb! My only regret is not getting one more session with them before moving out of state.They are very professional, made the whole process super easy, and their results truly speak for themselves.I really can't say enough great things about them! CDP Commercial Photography is absolutely TOPNOTCH!!Thanks again!!!

Warren C Avatar
Warren C
7/04/2021 - Google

I needed to get some headshots for work and decided to use CDP. The headshots came out amazing and Faithie was so professional. He made sure I was taken care of and was super patient with me. Will use again in the future.

Dan Jones Avatar
Dan Jones
4/08/2022 - Google

I highly recommend CDP Commercial Photography to anyone looking for your professional headshot or personal photo.Faithie was inspirational and creative made the process seamless from pose to photo selection process. Excellent Services!!

Lynda Ragsdale Avatar
Lynda Ragsdale
6/21/2019 - Google

If you need a headshot, or a photographer for any event...a real professional one then you must contact Faithie at CDP Commercial Photography. The experience is fun, super educational, and the quality is first class 10 stars!!

mj hatch Avatar
mj hatch
6/08/2022 - Google

We had CDP take prom photos for my son’s group. The quality was exceptional, the location was amazing, we had our pictures that same night and the kids all looked like models! I highly recommend CDP for any group event, personal/business portraits, engagement photos, senior portraits, family portraits, etc. I’ve hired professional photographers for all of these before and have never had such great quality or service.

Ethan Ngo Avatar
Ethan Ngo
6/08/2022 - Google

Highly recommend!! Booked for my senior prom photos, and they were very helpful walking my friends and I through every photo. Super informative on how to pose.

Cynthia Luse-McKeen Avatar
Cynthia Luse-McKeen
5/08/2022 - Google

Very helpful, on time, professional. Would use this photographer again!

Brad Marsh Avatar
Brad Marsh
3/08/2022 - Google

Faithie is an excellent photographer and fun to work with. He makes sure that you know how to look good and model well. He knows how you need to look for what you’re getting photos for. I got headshots done for my Real Estate profiles and business cards and he made sure I looked professional, welcoming, and comfortable but sharp. Excellent service, great artist, and highly recommended.

Dayana Henriquez Avatar
Dayana Henriquez
1/08/2022 - Google

Faithie was AMAZING. Best photographer I have had in a while, extremely supportive and a great instructor that gave me tips to use in the future! I would recommend Fathie to anyone for headshots or any other headshots needed. I would give 10/5 stars if I could!

Gracie Merrill Avatar
Gracie Merrill
6/24/2022 - Google

They did a great job directing me into poses and were very friendly and positive!

Jane Saulnier Avatar
Jane Saulnier
7/04/2019 - Google

I had headshots taken last year, and they were the best photos I've ever had. My colleagues we're jealous of my ID and Skype badges. The shoot was really fun, too.

Lisa Lampe Avatar
Lisa Lampe
11/03/2021 - Google

The headshots CDP Commercial Photography did for me were amazing! I honestly believe they helped open doors, because the quality was extraordinary. Those pictures captured my confidence and was offered the job! Professional, kind, and flexible with my schedule, I would hire them again the next time I am in AZ!

M N Avatar
11/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was Amazing!! He made feel comfortable, at ease, and made laugh. Totally recommend!!!

Amie Lane Avatar
Amie Lane
10/26/2019 - Google

Fathie was awesome!! I brought my daughter in to help start her acting career and I received the pictures right after we were done!! They look great and the hardest part was deciding which 2 pictures to get! Thanks!!!

Abby Gutwein Avatar
Abby Gutwein
7/19/2021 - Google

He gave very helpful posing and styling tips. Very efficient and good service for the price!

Shannon Applegate Avatar
Shannon Applegate
6/08/2022 - Google

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of my daughter!!

Joseph Remson Avatar
Joseph Remson
11/17/2019 - Google

Referred by a co-worker and the photos were amazing! Faithie was great to work with and really put me at ease! I highly recommend him!

Sonny Yee Avatar
Sonny Yee
7/09/2021 - Google

Faithie and Anna are great! they are phenomenal at what they do! dont hesitate to use them!

George McNamara (US) Avatar
George McNamara (US)
6/27/2021 - Google

Drove 45 minutes to get headshots …. Well worth the drive!

Elsbeth Hurry Avatar
Elsbeth Hurry
6/13/2021 - Google

I have used CDP since 2014 for a wide range of headshots. They do an excellent job. Highly recommend them!

jackiesellsaz Avatar
7/04/2020 - Google

Worth the drive from Scottsdale! I would highly recommend for Real Estate headshots! Faithie is very easy to work with and makes you feel very comfortable!

Thomas Dispensa Avatar
Thomas Dispensa
8/03/2022 - Google

Excellent service! Quality work, efficient and reasonable price!

Janet S Avatar
Janet S
12/13/2018 - Google

Awesome headshots! Very professional!

BigBoiShon (ReeeManXd) Avatar
BigBoiShon (ReeeManXd)
7/05/2021 - Google

The headshots were quick and easy, and the process itself was actually very enjoyable. I had most definitely got what I expected out of it and more! Faithie is an expert in this field and I wouldn’t have preferred anyone else for the headshots over him. Thank you for your service!

Cathy Parker Avatar
Cathy Parker
10/16/2019 - Google

Quick and easy appointment and great service. Faithie gave me posing instruction and my headshots turned out amazing!

Aileen Tammany Avatar
Aileen Tammany
8/03/2022 - Google

This was the best experience I have had with professional photos! They took the time to teach me how to look my best and I was able to review the photos and choose the ones I like during my appointment. I would highly recommend using them.

Ali Harper Avatar
Ali Harper
7/22/2021 - Google

Faithie is incredible! His work is beautiful and he makes portraits an experience! He did professional headshots of me, and I love them so much. He was very fun to work with, and has a great sense of humor. Love his professional, yet playful demeanor. Thanks for your the wonderful shots, Faithie!

hunter cordell Avatar
hunter cordell
7/01/2022 - Google

Fantastic service, funny guy

Rob Weber Avatar
Rob Weber
10/25/2021 - Google

Incredibly fast, professional and exceptional work. Took 10 years off me!

Jake Meyer Avatar
Jake Meyer
9/03/2022 - Google

Great product photographers. Very professional and the photos came out perfect!

Niko Carrizo Avatar
Niko Carrizo
3/07/2020 - Google

Worth the drive, pictures turned out amazing!

George Lai Avatar
George Lai
6/08/2022 - Google

Awesome photographer! He made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed! Highly recommend!

Jeff Hardee Avatar
Jeff Hardee
10/20/2022 - Google

I was able to get a quick appointment for an upcoming audition and for business headshots. Really appreciate the modeling direction and patience with wardrobe changes. I received my photos right away as well. I'll be back for future photos!

Jena Bohl Avatar
Jena Bohl
10/20/2022 - Google

I worked with Faithie to shoot medical products as well as a personal headshot. Wow!!!! 5 stars is not a high enough rating. His experience shows during his shoots. And he made it fun, relaxing, and easy. Beautiful photos! Thank you! Update: I came back for a second session today (10/15/22) and it was just as amazing and easy as our first shoot earlier this year. I highly recommend CDP for all your professional photos! Thank you, Faithie!

donna sicherman Avatar
donna sicherman
2/08/2022 - Google

Came in with my husband and was made to feel completely comfortableIt was an extremely enjoyable experience. Learnt more about posing than I ever knew existed.

Tanner Bartczak Avatar
Tanner Bartczak
3/08/2022 - Google

Faithie was AMAZING! He made me feel so comfortable during my professional headshots. Highly recommend!

Sharon Gobel Avatar
Sharon Gobel
7/19/2021 - Google

Faithie taught me how to pose and touched up my images to perfection. Super professional and will work with Faithie again.

lexis walden Avatar
lexis walden
9/03/2022 - Google

I had a very good experience. Fast and efficient. I learned a lot! I highly recommend!

Jake Bronowski Avatar
Jake Bronowski
9/25/2021 - Google

Great session! Highly recommend!

Jin Lee Avatar
Jin Lee
6/08/2022 - Google

Faithie is amazing! Had a wonderful experience, he taught me how to pose for photos the correct way to get my desired look and they delivered! He straight up made me look like Jacob from twilight ! 10/10

Jan Matthews Avatar
Jan Matthews
10/13/2019 - Google

Fathie is extremely talented and so easy to work with! The real deal in professional headshot photography!

Corey Kelleher Avatar
Corey Kelleher
11/03/2020 - Google

Wow! Great energy, very positive and helpful, good sense of humor. I did not do my research when looking for who to use to get my photos taken, but I lucked out on this one. VERY PROFESSIONAL, really knows what he is doing, but not only good at his job - he actually teaches you a few tricks on how to take pictures in the future, how to look better in the future. RECOMMEND 100% Thank you for the great shoot CDP, it was a pleasurable experience.

Jason Sherman Avatar
Jason Sherman
7/20/2019 - Google

From start to finish, CDP Photography confirmed to me that I was a genius in selecting them for my headshot photos! Extreme professionalism, knowledge and expedient customer service are what you can expect from this 5 star company! Thanks CDP!

Cameron S Avatar
Cameron S
11/08/2021 - Google

Very easy to work with, accommodating with date and time shifts! Would recommend for headshots and other photo op needs!

Matthew Wright Avatar
Matthew Wright
6/04/2021 - Google

Was in and out and he took amazing pictures! Very glad that I chose to come here!

Chris Woodruff Avatar
Chris Woodruff
10/30/2022 - Google

Amazing pictures. Good customer service. Made me feel like they really cared about me and the pictures.

Naomi Crawford Avatar
Naomi Crawford
8/03/2022 - Google

Great experience!

Shannon Herrmann Avatar
Shannon Herrmann
7/21/2021 - Google

Fathie and Anna are amazing photographers. I enjoyed my time together with them getting professional headshots taken for work. When I was out of smiles they captured more by making me laugh.

Monica kennedy Avatar
Monica kennedy
12/13/2018 - Google

Very professional, fast, and friendly. I highly recommend this service.

Maria Mejia Avatar
Maria Mejia
2/13/2019 - Google

I had a great experience. My headshot came out wonderful and is now in a magazine.

Brennda Johnson Avatar
Brennda Johnson
9/17/2019 - Google

Amazing photo shoot today. very thorough and detail orientated. Made sure I was comfortable. Needed a basic head shot for a business card. Very pleased. Highly recommend.

D Mak Avatar
D Mak
10/18/2019 - Google

Friendly. Knew how to get the money shot. Worth the 45 min drive from Scottsdale. Recommend highly !

Crystal Avatar
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was phenomenal! Our session was fun and the headshots turned out better than I could have imagined!

Calum Wilkie Avatar
Calum Wilkie
2/08/2022 - Google

Easy! Great experience, and I have a face for Radio!

Daradee Olson Avatar
Daradee Olson
2/13/2019 - Google

Loved my headshot! Recommend him to everyone!

Laura Dahlen Avatar
Laura Dahlen
11/03/2021 - Google

My experience was so amazing! They did my Passport, and head shot. They were so professional!!

V Duck Avatar
V Duck
10/30/2022 - Google

Perfect pictures. Amazing Quality and always had great customer service

James Anderson Avatar
James Anderson
7/19/2021 - Google

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

David Mills Avatar
David Mills
8/25/2021 - Google

They are very fun to work with and know what they are doing!

Tristen Gibson Avatar
Tristen Gibson
10/08/2019 - Google

Pictures turned out amazing! Very friendly and professional. Great pricing as well.

jess bonitatibus Avatar
jess bonitatibus
8/03/2022 - Google

Great experience! Learned so much and had a great time!

Prachya Panyakeow Avatar
Prachya Panyakeow
7/07/2021 - Google

Great professional experience. I had my best LinkedIn profile shot from them

she thomas Avatar
she thomas
8/03/2022 - Google

No more prison poses for me!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and how to take the perfect picture!

Laurie Gyles Avatar
Laurie Gyles
7/04/2020 - Google

Awsome photographer. Made me feel so at ease. These are the first photos of myself that I have ever liked.

Kyle Gannon Avatar
Kyle Gannon
2/13/2019 - Google

I had the opportunity to get my professional head shots taken with Faithie. He was a fantastic coach, explaining diligently what makes a great head shot and ultimately making the entire experience fantastic. Faithie was very personable and working with him was a genuine pleasure that I would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Ingrid Avatar
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie is super friendly and even gave me a few tips for when I take personal photos. He made sure I liked how I looked and helped me pose correctly. I loved how the pictures came out at the end 🙂 thank you!

Julie Gutwein Avatar
Julie Gutwein
7/19/2021 - Google

Great experience and photos. Thank you!

Jeff Cox Avatar
Jeff Cox
7/09/2021 - Google

Faithie was extremely professional, friendly, and is an expert with lighting and finding the best angles for headshots.

Ronald Nelson Jr Avatar
Ronald Nelson Jr
9/03/2022 - Google

What an amazing experience! I have never been comfortable taking photos and was very nervous about taking headshots. But upon arrival, I immediately felt at ease. I was even taught how to appropriately take photos so I can be more confident moving forward. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!!!

Saniya Kulkarni Avatar
Saniya Kulkarni
10/20/2022 - Google

Great passport size photos and headshots! Also gave us great tips and tricks for clicking photos on the phone. 🙂

Billy Nichols Avatar
Billy Nichols
1/21/2020 - Google

Faithie did a phenomenal job! He really helped in understanding the right way to take photographs and the right way to pose. Great to work with and extremely happy with the session and service. Will most definitely recommend a use again.

Cleo Boyd Avatar
Cleo Boyd
12/23/2019 - Google

I needed a head shot on short notice. When the photographer learned I was in from out of time, he made a special effort to come to the studio. He was courteous and respectful and the photos turned out great! I highly recommend CDP.

Steve Hicks Avatar
Steve Hicks
6/05/2019 - Google

Faithie is absolutely incredible!!! If I could give him a 100 stars I would!!! If you want someone who will make you feel confident and amazing, he is the best in the business. His energy is off the rails and his results are nothing short of magical.

John Taylor Avatar
John Taylor
4/26/2019 - Google

Fathie is efficient, high-tech, and completely professional. His studio is tucked away in a nice Gilbert neighborhood; for anyone from Phoenix, its worth the drive out to see him. He is fair, friendly, and collaborates to help achieve the best possible image for a professional head shot.

Lisa Lampe Avatar
Lisa Lampe
7/04/2021 - Google

The headshots CDP Commercial Photography did for me were amazing! I honestly believe they helped open doors, because the quality was extraordinary. Those pictures captured myconfidence and was offered the job! Professional, kind, and flexible with my schedule, I would hire them again the next time I am in AZ!

Rory Margraf Avatar
Rory Margraf
9/19/2019 - Google

I highly recommend CDP Commercial Photography to anyone looking for a professional headshot or photos. From the very beginning, their staff was highly professional and accommodating, including adjusting their schedule when I was running late. The session was quick and easy, with fantastic photos that I could scan through and make my own selections. The touchup work was phenomenal as well. Above all, they are fairly priced, especially when compared with other services in the Valley.

Vicki Ellis Avatar
Vicki Ellis
6/17/2022 - Google

Faithie showed me how to pose and helped me feel totally comfortable. Great session with great results!

Kelly Kindle Avatar
Kelly Kindle
6/24/2022 - Google

Great professional headshots!

Denise Lopez Avatar
Denise Lopez
7/06/2022 - Google

Great experience and he is s great and would highly recommend!!! Love Faithie!

Corbin Hatch Avatar
Corbin Hatch
5/08/2022 - Google

The photographer was super nice and fun to work with! Great for Prom photos!

Shannon Avatar
11/25/2021 - Google

This was an amazing experience!! Faithie was so kind and took his time with me and the results were fantastic!!

Rob Avatar
10/25/2021 - Google

Great experience!!! Thorough and detailed oriented. Very pleased with the end result and especially pleased with the process and care given to my images.

Delisa Jones Avatar
Delisa Jones
5/18/2019 - Google

The service provided was absolutely great! The response time to my initial email came on the same day even though it was after hours. And, I was able to book on the weekend. He was personable, gave me good direction and the session was quick and easy.

Paige Thorson Avatar
Paige Thorson
6/04/2021 - Google

We did our Team Real Estate photos and my personal headshots... Great quality. Great location. Faithie was amazing and very personable as well!

Makayla Blackford Avatar
Makayla Blackford
7/01/2022 - Google

Gave super good tips for lifelong pictures!

Jenn Myers Avatar
Jenn Myers
3/08/2022 - Google

Faithie was fabulous and helped out from the beginning to make me look my absolute best! I highly recommend using him for all headshot needs - I will definitely use him again in the future!

Lindsay Hazlett Avatar
Lindsay Hazlett
11/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was soooo nice and professional,,, would definitely recommend!!!!

Kristen Czapla Avatar
Kristen Czapla
10/12/2019 - Google

Faithie was awesome! He made feel so comfortable throughout the whole experience. I was not looking forward to getting my pictures taken but he made it very painless. Overall a great experience and would recommend to anyone!

Sohani Sandhu Avatar
Sohani Sandhu
6/08/2022 - Google

They were very good at walking us through the poses and explaining how they work. Highly recommend!!!

Riçk Ried Avatar
Riçk Ried
11/03/2020 - Google

Needed some professional photographs, Faithie was easy to work with and did a fabulous job. Results are awesome!!! Thank you!!

Christine Beckman Avatar
Christine Beckman
6/04/2021 - Google

If you are busy and want the most for your investment of time and money, CDP Photography is a smart high quality choice. Faithie clearly knows what he's doing, so it's an extremely efficient use of your time. I highly recommend!

Patrick Bosworth Avatar
Patrick Bosworth
11/25/2021 - Google

Super easy to work with, great quality.

Sanja S Avatar
Sanja S
7/25/2021 - Google

Very professional and pleasure to work with. Great quality photography

Jennifer Tracksler Avatar
Jennifer Tracksler
8/25/2021 - Google

I had a terrific experience getting new headshots with Faithie. His help in posing helped me get phenomenal photos that I love. I haven’t had photos this great before and he even was able to help me smile normal - a first for me. I definitely recommend going to Faithie for your photos.

Alexander Harrison Avatar
Alexander Harrison
12/04/2021 - Google

Needed photos for an audition, and he managed to make me look irritated, something hard to do because I can’t keep a straight face in pictures. He made it a very fun experience!

Jack Cole Avatar
Jack Cole
7/01/2022 - Google

Amazing experience. Look straight out of Hollywood

Phoenix Uplighting, LLC Avatar
Phoenix Uplighting, LLC
7/20/2021 - Google

CDP commercial photography did such an amazing job on my head shots. I needed some professional shots for my website and they delivered. They are super friendly, professional and the quality is amazing.I highly recommend CDP 🙌🙌🙌

Kelly Myers Avatar
Kelly Myers
3/08/2022 - Google

Faithie, was very personable and fun to work with. The studio was really clean and inviting, had a great experience and great photos!

Emma Burningham Avatar
Emma Burningham
8/03/2022 - Google

Made me smile by saying dutch bros!!

Janine Morris Avatar
Janine Morris
7/04/2021 - Google

Great experience! Headshot turned out AMAZING!!! Fun too 👍

tiana kunipo Avatar
tiana kunipo
7/07/2022 - Google

My photographer faithie was so amazing! He thought me how to pose and look good, very grateful 🙂

Jennifer Hatcher Avatar
Jennifer Hatcher
3/13/2019 - Google

This was a great experience and a wonderful photo... Faithie is a super professional and I couldn't be happier! Can I give more than 5 stars!!

Supan Shah Avatar
Supan Shah
10/20/2022 - Google

Headshots turned out amazing! Got a lot of tips around how to pose so that photos come out good.

Lillian Clanahan Avatar
Lillian Clanahan
4/08/2022 - Google

Awesome experience

Cathi Chinn Avatar
Cathi Chinn
2/08/2022 - Google

I have always dreaded photos and have avoided them more of my life. I needed a professional headshot and I chose CDP Commercial Photography. Faithie took the time to coach me on how I can best represent myself and take advantage of my positive attributes. I was elated how my photos turned out. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend Faithie.

maddie rubert Avatar
maddie rubert
3/08/2022 - Google

Really nice guy, clean studio amazing pictures for a great price, good photo advice 10/10 recommend

Thai Nguyen Avatar
Thai Nguyen
9/12/2019 - Google

Excellent services and very professional. Got my professional headshot done and Faithie was very helpful and did his best to give me the best picture. I highly recommend CDP commercial Photography!

Kelsey Malaika Mgone Avatar
Kelsey Malaika Mgone
10/13/2022 - Google

Highly recommend for corporate headshots! Easy to book, very good communication and very quick in and out!

Amy Overlin Avatar
Amy Overlin
7/04/2019 - Google

Had a fantastic experience with Anna who did my recent fitness photos. She is not only professional but makes you feel comfortable and confident during the entire process. She allows you to view the photos as you go so you can get real time feedback as to what poses and outfits work for you. I would highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed!

Spencer Harris Avatar
Spencer Harris
9/25/2021 - Google

Great service throughout my 30 minute session. Faithie guided me in the setup for my photos and tips to look my best. Highly recommend any one to get professional headshots from CDP Commercial.

Mark Mckane Avatar
Mark Mckane
11/25/2021 - Google

Great experience. Highly recommended

Dalaney Nance Avatar
Dalaney Nance
7/04/2021 - Google

Took my headshots a few years ago. They turned out great!

Lawrence Alonzo Avatar
Lawrence Alonzo
5/20/2019 - Google

Such a pleasure to work with CDP Commercial Photography. Professional + Personable + Educational = Great Experience. We will use them for all our photography needs going forward.

Ella Hanks Avatar
Ella Hanks
5/08/2022 - Google

The prom pictures turned out extremely nice and super pretty. 10/10 would recommend!

Peter Trevino Avatar
Peter Trevino
7/08/2021 - Google

Faithie is a pro, I came in camera shy and left with the camera as a friend. Thank you Faithie…. Well done

Erica Glenn Avatar
Erica Glenn
2/10/2020 - Google

Came for acting headshots. Very pleased with the hospitality, the tips, and the final product! Thank you!

Eric Smith Avatar
Eric Smith
2/08/2022 - Google

Great experience. Detailed and professional. Highly recommend

Coni Waltemeyer Avatar
Coni Waltemeyer
10/25/2021 - Google

After a horrible portrait photoshoot for my office website, I was on the hunt for a great headshot! Faithie was so helpful and responsive, and booked me very quickly! I arrived at his studio, taught me so many lasting tips and tricks and shot beautiful headshots of me! I highly highly urge you to check out CDP photography for your portrait or headshot needs!

Allie Moody Avatar
Allie Moody
3/08/2022 - Google

Very professional and charismatic. Was able to quickly get an amazing headshot quickly and easily! Highly recommended.

Sara Glavas Avatar
Sara Glavas
10/10/2019 - Google

Faithie was fantastic! Very talented, professional, and funny! Very enjoyable experience!

Amy La Vallee Avatar
Amy La Vallee
10/20/2022 - Google

Great service! Everything turned out awesome!!

Coni Waltemeyer Avatar
Coni Waltemeyer
10/25/2021 - Google

Had a wonderful experience with Faithie! I had recently had a terrible photographer come to my profession to take some head shots and it was a nightmare and I hated the results, but Faithie was amazing and the photos he took of me were absolutely gorgeous! Very kind, beautiful studio, clean and professional! I highly recommend you come to CDP photography for all you photo needs!

Gilbert Queen Creek Avatar
Gilbert Queen Creek
6/08/2022 - Google

We use CDP for all our professional photos. Couldn’t be happier with the results, customer service, and communication. Highly recommend for personal or professional photos.

Norma Encinas Avatar
Norma Encinas
11/24/2019 - Google

I was able to get to in the same day. Very professional service!

Megan Wiley Avatar
Megan Wiley
3/07/2020 - Google

A great experience! We are getting married in 2 months and we got some great tips for how to pose for our wedding, in addition to nice headshots.

Chris H Avatar
Chris H
2/08/2022 - Google

My daughter took her photos and really liked it. She recommended me to come and I really enjoyed the experience.

Danny Huerta Avatar
Danny Huerta
7/01/2022 - Google

First time with a professional photographer and learned to much on how to pose for selfies. I always hated taking selfies but know I learned how to pose.This was the best experience I have ever had and I will definitely tell my friends and will book him for a private session with my husband.I

Sonia Envy Avatar
Sonia Envy
1/09/2020 - Google

Was a great experience. Love the pictures and make my face and body slimer 🙂 will definitely. Come back for more picture!

Daniel McLaughlin Avatar
Daniel McLaughlin
10/25/2021 - Google

Great experience, was able to take the time to get the right pictures, very professional. Would definitely recommend his service!!

Jarred Bennecke Avatar
Jarred Bennecke
9/25/2021 - Google

I had a very fun and outgoing experience here! Very professional! I will be coming back here for my future professional photos!

William Robinson Avatar
William Robinson
11/03/2021 - Google

Do yourself a favor and book now!! I absolutely LOVE my headshots and use these headshots for everything important! The photo session was fun, enjoyable, and didn't take too long. They told me exactly what I needed to do with tilting my head just right to get the best angle. With that and everything they did with the lighting and editing, the final pictures I got were superb! My only regret is not getting one more session with them before moving out of state. They are very professional, made the whole process super easy, and their results truly speak for themselves. I really can't say enough great things about them! CDP Commercial Photography is absolutely TOPNOTCH!! Thanks again!!!

Alexa Dearborn Avatar
Alexa Dearborn
6/08/2022 - Google

This was actually really fun and quick. I hate having photos of myself taken and this was the first time that I’ve actually had a good time. Faithie was a blast and helped me with even posing for photos in the future. Thanks faithie!

Michelle Biagi-Bauer Avatar
Michelle Biagi-Bauer
8/04/2019 - Google

Very professional and friendly to work with! Comfortable and very spacious studio. Many photos to choose from. Great pictures and edits!

Beth Durrant Avatar
Beth Durrant
4/08/2022 - Google

Faithie was so wonderful! He gave me the confidence and instruction to be able to take a great headshot. Pricing was fantastic and he took beautiful shots of me. Thank you!

Betsy Larson Avatar
Betsy Larson
11/25/2021 - Google

Great experience, Faithie made me feel at ease, provided helpful tips for a professional headshot. I appreciated the ease of working with Faithie and his flexibility. Highly recommend!

Sarah W. Avatar
Sarah W.
7/19/2021 - Google

CDP was great to work with. They provided me with high quality, professional headshots. I am not normally comfortable in front of the camera but Faithie had me relaxed in no time leading to great pictures I'm proud to share.

Austin Boyd Avatar
Austin Boyd
12/23/2019 - Google

Very satisfied with my photos! I referred my father after receiving mine, and CDP came through again!

Gigi Miller Avatar
Gigi Miller
3/01/2020 - Google

Awesome experience! So great to work with. I came in for a a headshot for an entertainment portfolio. Highly recommend!

Mike D Avatar
Mike D
8/14/2019 - Google

Excellent work!

theresa siler Avatar
theresa siler
7/04/2019 - Google

I am over the moon with the product, and had such a good time having my photographs taken. I'll be back.

Elizabeth Cash Avatar
Elizabeth Cash
6/24/2022 - Google

He was very friendly and personable made me feel very comfortable and made the process fun and enjoyable.

Clayton Zernich Avatar
Clayton Zernich
6/20/2021 - Google

Amazing experience! Headshots turned out fantastically. Would recommend to anyone looking to have professional photos taken. Faithie is extremely talented and knows exactly what he’s doing. 10/10!

Crystal Lee Avatar
Crystal Lee
6/08/2022 - Google

Super nice and helped me with posing when I don't know how to! I enjoyed this very much and am very happy with the results 🙂

Sunil Kashyap Avatar
Sunil Kashyap
8/25/2021 - Google

Faithie is a fun professional photographer. He made great suggestions on how to take photographs and pose. Doesn’t upsell. Definitely recommend this business.

Ken Millar Avatar
Ken Millar
1/08/2022 - Google

Great experience with very professional results!

Jody Dents Avatar
Jody Dents
7/04/2020 - Google

Had a great time with my session. Showed me how to pose and be relaxed. Professional studio setup...

Samuel Peres Avatar
Samuel Peres
2/07/2020 - Google

Amazing Service!!! I was able to book same day appointment. Was amazed with his knowledge on how to set up and take great pictures. Very patient and took plenty of time reviewing pictures with me.

Taqiy Muhammad Avatar
Taqiy Muhammad
4/27/2019 - Google

To say that I was pleased with my head shot from CDP photography would be a HUGE understatement. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, direction, and insight on what makes a great head shot. I was engaged, had fun and my professional head shot speaks volumes. I will be spreading the word throughout the valley on my experience with CDP Photography. Already looking forward to booking another session...

Adam Elliott Avatar
Adam Elliott
2/19/2019 - Google

I really appreciate all the tips I was given, new to the whole head shot business and he was definitely warm and welcoming for a first timer. Easy, clear to follow instructions and very professional. Drove all the way out from Avondale, and was definitely worth it.

Sebastian Vaziri Avatar
Sebastian Vaziri
6/08/2022 - Google

Very professional and efficient. Love my headshot, look forward to showing off to my friends and family.

Cory Davis Avatar
Cory Davis
7/19/2021 - Google

CDP is the best photography business in the Phoenix Valley. They are very professional and amazing to work with. I have been back 3 times over the last 6 years and will continue to refer and do business with CDP.

Haney Omar Avatar
Haney Omar
11/25/2021 - Google

I had the best experience with faithie, he did my modeling headshot He gave me few pointers felt very comfortable. I plan to come back for more in the future

Emma Cone-Roddy Avatar
Emma Cone-Roddy
12/11/2021 - Google

Amazing job! Faithe was incredibly helpful and took amazing photos!

Debbie Mann Avatar
Debbie Mann
8/25/2021 - Google

I needed a last minute headshot and CDP Photography was incredible. Faithie was very responsive leading up to the appointment and once I arrived he was very professional. He coached me on exactly how I should stand for the pictures and walked me through all the little things you normally don’t think about when taking a picture. The quality of the photos is unmatched. I highly recommend CDP for any of your photography needs!

John D Avatar
John D
8/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was great to work with. Photos were amazing. Faithie was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process.

Rose Stewart Avatar
Rose Stewart
6/24/2022 - Google

I loved my pictures! Great service and quality of work.

Marita Castro Avatar
Marita Castro
6/08/2022 - Google

My daughter had the most beautiful prom pictures ever!!! He was so detailed with every little thing and made sure my daughter posed perfectly through the whole photoshoot. Exceptional job! I absolutely recommend him!

Hannah Caffall Avatar
Hannah Caffall
5/08/2022 - Google

Thank you so much for prom pictures!!!

Mary Simmons Avatar
Mary Simmons
8/04/2019 - Google

I just had some updated head shots taken at CDP Commercial Photography. Faithie and Anna are wonderful to work with, they put me right at ease, gave me wonderful guidance on how to naturally bring out the best of me. They were on time for the appointment, their studio is warm and friendly, clean and conveniently located. They did not rush through the shoot and were really interested in helping me get the best shots. The finished product was timely delivered and was well done and just perfect. I highly recommend CDP Commercial Photography!

dusti ellsworth Avatar
dusti ellsworth
5/08/2022 - Google

He is an amazing photographer! He knew the best locations and poses, and took the pictures quickly. It was an overall great experience!

Becca B. Avatar
Becca B.
7/23/2021 - Google

Such an incredible experience! I had to get a headshot for an upcoming award ceremony. CDP not only worked with my schedule but made the experience amazing. I have avoided getting my photo done for years, but CDP made me feel not just professional enough but beautiful enough. Thank you so much!!!!! <3

Eric James Avatar
Eric James
6/08/2022 - Google

Helped me look good!

Natasha Brown Avatar
Natasha Brown
8/03/2022 - Google

Amazing experience!! Great customer service and took his time with each and everyone of us! Would definitely recommend and use again 😁

Victoria Thompson Avatar
Victoria Thompson
2/13/2019 - Google

I love my headshots and they were professional and extremely fast at delivering my final photos. I highly recommend CDP Commerical Photography for headshots!

Cameron Folkers Avatar
Cameron Folkers
4/08/2022 - Google

What a great experience. I drove down from Flagstaff Arizona and Faithie met me at the location and took amazing photos. I didn’t know I could look that good on camera!

Raoul Limeres Avatar
Raoul Limeres
6/27/2021 - Google

This was my first experience with a professional photographer and Faithie made me completely relaxed and educated me about the process. He knows so much about photography and making his clients look their best that is was a real pleasure working with him.

Thulasi Kashyap Avatar
Thulasi Kashyap
8/25/2021 - Google

My husband and I found this company via google and we couldn’t be more pleased. Communication with Faithie was easy and he was able to accommodate our changes in scheduling. Faithie was friendly and made sure we had the best pictures possible. Definitely would recommend.

Terry E Avatar
Terry E
11/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was a true professional and he made me look great! Highly recommend this guy.

Chris Breitengross Avatar
Chris Breitengross
8/25/2021 - Google

Fantastic. Taught me how to pose and the results were fantastic and fast! Will use again!!

Danny Huerta Avatar
Danny Huerta
7/03/2022 - Google

First time with a professional photographer and learned to much on how to pose for selfies. I always hated taking selfies but know I learned how to pose. This was the best experience I have ever had and I will definitely tell my friends and will book him for a private session with my husband. I

Jolade Adebekun Avatar
Jolade Adebekun
2/08/2022 - Google

Faithie was very kind and professional. He was prompt in response time and took the time to demonstrate the importance of posing.

Riçk Ried Avatar
Riçk Ried
12/06/2019 - Google

Needed some professional photographs, Faithie was easy to work with and did a fabulous job.Results are awesome!!!Thank you!!

Allison Saunders Avatar
Allison Saunders
10/30/2022 - Google

Amazing photos, helpful great quality, super fun to be around made it a great experience!!

Amanda Rusing Avatar
Amanda Rusing
3/07/2020 - Google

Had a great experience and love my photos! Highly recommend!

Tim Whipple Avatar
Tim Whipple
11/02/2019 - Google

Outstanding service and very affordable! This is the first time I have gotten headshots done that I actually love!

Lorraine D Avatar
Lorraine D
7/25/2019 - Google

Faithie was able to give me a same day appointment. He worked quickly and he was very professional and knowledgeable in photography. He does beautiful work! I had professional headshots done.

Blaine Bandi Avatar
Blaine Bandi
10/18/2019 - Google

Great experience from start to finish. Very professional. Highly recommend for anyone that does not enjoy posing for pictures.

Michaela Fernandez Avatar
Michaela Fernandez
7/04/2021 - Google

Wonderful headshots. Very professional and attentive to detail from start to finish.

Phoenix Uplighting, LLC Avatar
Phoenix Uplighting, LLC
11/03/2021 - Google

CDP commercial photography did such an amazing job on my head shots. I needed some professional shots for my website and they delivered. They are super friendly, professional and the quality is amazing. I highly recommend CDP 🙌🙌🙌

Vern Egan Avatar
Vern Egan
2/13/2019 - Google

Using photos for film audition. Headshot experience was fantastic.

Vanessa Dispensa Avatar
Vanessa Dispensa
6/17/2022 - Google

Easy and quick process. Very friendly and professional. I highly recommend CDP!

Matt Kunzler Avatar
Matt Kunzler
9/25/2021 - Google

Great experience with Faithie, I highly recommend him.

Michael Allen Avatar
Michael Allen
3/12/2020 - Google

Faithie is amazing! Great experience and Coaching!

Libby Avatar
5/19/2019 - Google

Faithie did my headshots and they turned out fantastic! He is very professional and he is an excellent photographer. I extremely happy with the final product. I Highly recommended.

Lionel Escajeda Avatar
Lionel Escajeda
4/06/2019 - Google

I recently had professional headshots taken here, by Faithie. The process was quick and simple. Faithie has great expertise in photography, and proved so by knowing the exact poses that would be most flattering for me. Very professional and friendly, they made the process fun. I would highly recommend!

Katy Kandaris Avatar
Katy Kandaris
7/04/2021 - Google

Faithie and Anna did a fantastic job on my headshots and on my engagement photos. They are professional and do incredible work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional photos.

Monique Lurry Avatar
Monique Lurry
9/25/2019 - Google

Nice, professional, and most importantly PATIENT with me. I highly recommend for your photography needs.

Callie Whitney Avatar
Callie Whitney
10/30/2022 - Google

Great pictures and super fun!

R. H. Avatar
R. H.
7/10/2021 - Google

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Dusten Jones Avatar
Dusten Jones
4/13/2018 - Google

If you want the best in the business look no further. These guys are the true definition of professional.

Alicia Oaks Avatar
Alicia Oaks
10/25/2021 - Google

Faithie, is awesome. He got me in on the same day. He walked me through poses and it was comfortable. If you want to feel comfortable and have great pictures when your done, go to him!

Kristofer Morris Avatar
Kristofer Morris
7/04/2021 - Google

Headshots were amazing!!! I also enjoyed the photographers, they were fun and professional.

Billy McCown Avatar
Billy McCown
10/30/2022 - Google

Great customer service and really good pictures

Chris Woodruff Avatar
Chris Woodruff
5/08/2022 - Google

Amazing service and quality, super professional photos, would totally recommend. Prom photos were amazing

Ayanna Brandon Avatar
Ayanna Brandon
5/08/2022 - Google

Faithie did an amazing job preparing me for my photo shoot. He was very professional and easy to work with. If you’re a professional person looking for headshots I would definitely recommend CDP Commercial, LLC.

Kodie Ison Avatar
Kodie Ison
5/08/2022 - Google

Did my graduation photos and headshots. Studio was wonderful and Paithie was very professional. My cap and gown & my my headshot for my linkin profile looked fantastic!

Meredith Stewart Avatar
Meredith Stewart
10/30/2022 - Google

This was such an an amazing experience. The photos are good quality too!!

Laura Ellen Avatar
Laura Ellen
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was amazing! He spent extra time coaching me on poses prior to our session. Well worth the time! Pictures turned out amazing! Thank you!

Kate L. Avatar
Kate L.
7/04/2021 - Google

Photos were very professionally done, and the photographers helped me pose with confidence, even though I had never modeled before! The studio was also very clean, comfortable and welcoming.

John Daniels Avatar
John Daniels
3/08/2022 - Google

Fantastic service! I really appreciate the education along with the great photos!!

Tyler P Avatar
Tyler P
5/08/2022 - Google

Best photos I’ve gotten I’m my entire life. The photos beautifully capture my entire life work in the glimmer of eyes.

Elias F Avatar
Elias F
7/04/2021 - Google

Talk about professional! I mean how I looked in the photo! Wow, I dont think I have ever looked so good. Faithie, the photographer/ owner was awesome! He jedi mind tricked me into the perfect pose to look good for the photo, I swear I looked 20lbs thinner than I actually am. Would 100% recommend them for your professional headshot.

Mia Jones Avatar
Mia Jones
3/15/2019 - Google

Great experience! I loved my headshot photo-definitely worth the drive from Glendale. Better than the professional my company hired.

Jessie Vivolo Avatar
Jessie Vivolo
7/10/2021 - Google

SUPER friendly, super helpful and greatest experience! Love my headshots.

Alyssa Klix Avatar
Alyssa Klix
4/08/2022 - Google

Great place to get your professional headshots!

Karen Quezada Avatar
Karen Quezada
9/25/2021 - Google

Very professional studio! Photographer helped me to pose and pick photos! Friendly and very talented!!!

Alexander Sainz Avatar
Alexander Sainz
2/13/2019 - Google

Great time fast and easy headshots would recommended to friends!

Kurt Gasparro Avatar
Kurt Gasparro
8/25/2021 - Google

Faithie and Anna are absolutely wonderful to work with! The attention to detail and quality of work they provide is something that can't be matched. I enjoy working with CDP so much and would absolutely recommend them for any of your photography needs.

Lauren Biagi Avatar
Lauren Biagi
4/03/2019 - Google

Outstanding Photography Company! Anna did an exceptional job with my fitness pictures. She was very professional and knew exactly how to position me with or without workout props. My pictures look like they could be on the front cover of any popular magazine!

Russel Hunt Avatar
Russel Hunt
9/03/2022 - Google

These guys are great, I can’t say enough good things about them. Faithie came to our facility on short notice and was able to capture great photos of our oversized products. He provided direction on the best placement, lighting, and point of views. Our marketing team was excited to have the photos and they will definitely show case our products well for potential customers.

Mg Mg Avatar
Mg Mg
9/03/2022 - Google

Great experience!

Cari Meyer Avatar
Cari Meyer
5/15/2019 - Google

Great head shots! Comfortable environment with helpful advice. Very reasonable rates. Thank you!!!

Jim Ruley Opulent RE Avatar
Jim Ruley Opulent RE
5/03/2019 - Google

Great photographer! I’ve now used them twice for professional business headshots and could not be happier!! They know how to pose you just right and are quick and efficient. Will be a regular customer.

Justene Chavez Avatar
Justene Chavez
8/25/2021 - Google

I had a wonderful experience! Quick, easy, affordable and very professional!

Mrs. Alicia Phillips El-Amin Avatar
Mrs. Alicia Phillips El-Amin
11/25/2021 - Google

He was awesome! I felt extremely comfortable and well coached! He was patient and professional! Thank you! I’ll be back.

jenni tyndal Avatar
jenni tyndal
7/04/2020 - Google

Amazing professional experience !! WouldRecommend to everyone who needs headshots or photographer !

Leema Lallmamode Avatar
Leema Lallmamode
7/07/2021 - Google

I was in dire need of a professional picture for my LinkedIn profile. Anna and Faithie at CDP were great! They took several poses, gave me great tips and produced a beautiful headshot.

Solomon williams Avatar
Solomon williams
9/12/2019 - Google

Great personality, expert coaching with photography, a true master of his craft. I was extremely impressed, not only with the service, attention to the individual, and the slightest detail, but also and most impressive was the quality of the images.

Isaac Tyson Avatar
Isaac Tyson
7/04/2020 - Google

I hire cdp to work on the launch of my brand, they took beautiful pictures of my products. We will be doing more work together in the future.

Linda Wills Avatar
Linda Wills
12/04/2021 - Google

Great session- made me look great!

Mary Babick Avatar
Mary Babick
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie and Anna did photos before my fitness competition. Every single photo they took was amazing. They directed me through posing and outfit changes and were prepared with a plan. I can’t thank them enough for making this experience as positive as possible and making me look as beautiful as I could. I would recommend them to anyone. Can’t wait for my next shoot!

Ed W. Avatar
Ed W.
8/11/2019 - Google

I went to CDP Commercial Photography for headshots that I could use for my work and work related social media accounts. They are so easy to work with and the end product was amazing!!! So many people I work with ask me who did my photos since they look so much better than the others. I will totally go back to them again.

Laura Cooper Avatar
Laura Cooper
6/24/2022 - Google

I was very happy! Faithie made me very comfortable and gave me great direction. The product came out perfect as well!

Ben Kraus Avatar
Ben Kraus
6/10/2022 - Google

They were terrific! I got a life lesson at the beginning of how to look skinnier in photos which was worth the cost itself, let alone the fact that the photos turned out great! Will be coming back!

donna sicherman Avatar
donna sicherman
2/03/2022 - Google

Came in with my husband and was made to feel completely comfortable It was an extremely enjoyable experience. Learnt more about posing than I ever knew existed.

Ashley Pelkoski Avatar
Ashley Pelkoski
4/02/2019 - Google

Just got my head shots done for my online profiles! 10/10 experience! Cheap and GREAT quality! Would recommend to anyone looking to get pictures done 🙂

Hayley Newman Avatar
Hayley Newman
8/03/2022 - Google

This place is great! Quick, fun, and professional! My headshots turned out AMAZING! This is

Jane Saulnier Avatar
Jane Saulnier
3/08/2022 - Google

I had headshots taken last year, and they were the best photos I've ever had. My colleagues we're jealous of my ID and Skype badges. The shoot was really fun, too.UPDATE 3/3/22. Came back for updated looks (a little age, a little weight, a lot of hair). Still a great experience and results. The studio is really bright and comfortable, the session is fun. I brought a friend here a while ago, and her results were great, too.

Laura Dahlen Avatar
Laura Dahlen
8/25/2021 - Google

My experience was so amazing! They did my Passport, and head shot.They were so professional!!

Steven Humphreys Avatar
Steven Humphreys
8/25/2021 - Google

Really courteous and knowledgeable. Taught me a few things while taking my pictures. Quality is great.

Corey Kelleher Avatar
Corey Kelleher
2/04/2020 - Google

Wow!Great energy, very positive and helpful, good sense of humor.I did not do my research when looking for who to use to get my photos taken, but I lucked out on this one. VERY PROFESSIONAL, really knows what he is doing, but not only good at his job - he actually teaches you a few tricks on how to take pictures in the future, how to look better in the future.RECOMMEND 100%Thank you for the great shoot CDP, it was a pleasurable experience.

Kelly Zernich Avatar
Kelly Zernich
6/20/2021 - Google

Came to Faithie about 6 years ago, but because of Father Time, I needed a new one! Didn’t hesitate to come back and get a new one. This time I brought my son with me for his headshots too.

gretchen Bataille Avatar
gretchen Bataille
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie is a fantastic photographer and professional. It was worth my hour’s drive to have him take photos for my website. I recommend him without question.

Danielle Ingram Avatar
Danielle Ingram
11/25/2021 - Google

Fantastic experience! I hate taking photos, but Fathie did an awesome job! Very happy with the end product. Would highly recommend.

Matt Machado Avatar
Matt Machado
8/25/2021 - Google

Great experience! Highly recommended.

Stephanie Hurtt Avatar
Stephanie Hurtt
8/03/2022 - Google

Great experience, Faithie gave me great tips for making my photos look nicer and more forgiving. Thank you!

William Nelson Avatar
William Nelson
3/23/2019 - Google

I recently had Faithie take a few headshots of me for a position I had just accepted. I can barely begin to verbalize how amazing the experience with CDP was. First off the scheduling process was absolutely painless, I received a quick response with a few times that would work with both of our schedules. Secondly, the photographer was perfectly on time. Thirdly, Faithie coached me on how best to pose for my body type (I can now pose WAY better in photographs), he did not rush the process one bit! Finally, after the session he showed me the raw photos he had just taken. He helped me pick out the ones that best showed my personality that would convey the right message to anyone who saw the photo. He offers touch-up services for very reasonable prices. I did not opt for any touch-ups, so I had the digital copies of my photos before I left the studio! This was my first experience with a photographer as a “grown-up,” and I must say Faithie set the bar REALLY high! I highly recommend CDP, and will go back to their studio for all future photography needs.

Jane Saulnier Avatar
Jane Saulnier
4/03/2022 - Google

I had headshots taken last year, and they were the best photos I've ever had. My colleagues we're jealous of my ID and Skype badges. The shoot was really fun, too. UPDATE 3/3/22. Came back for updated looks (a little age, a little weight, a lot of hair). Still a great experience and results. The studio is really bright and comfortable, the session is fun. I brought a friend here a while ago, and her results were great, too.

Megan Bechen Avatar
Megan Bechen
6/10/2022 - Google

Faithie is a fantastic photographer!! He is so personable and made the entire experience pleasant and inviting! He explained how posing works and showed us the nuances of the lighting and stances, let us see photos as we went and he was so good at communicating what we were doing and helping us get the shots we came for and far beyond!!!!! Will absolutely return and recommend to all of our friends! 🙂

Carly M Avatar
Carly M
4/08/2022 - Google

Super friendly owner, made his schedule work for me! The photos were great for a fair price. Thanks!

Mariela Galindo Avatar
Mariela Galindo
6/08/2022 - Google

Loved it! Gave great advice on posing, was funny, and an overall very comfortable experience. Would definitely book again, it was super fun and informative!

Chris Sizelove Avatar
Chris Sizelove
12/13/2018 - Google

Absolutely amazing! Extremely talented and professional.

Todd L Avatar
Todd L
7/04/2020 - Google

Needed head shots ASAP, and Faithie got me in the same day and did a great job! Very happy with the shots.

Harold Sicherman Avatar
Harold Sicherman
2/08/2022 - Google

Came in for acting headshots. Had a great time. Definitely worth the price of admission. Made me feel like a professional model.

Dominic at AZ Prime Property Management Avatar
Dominic at AZ Prime Property Management
10/27/2022 - Google

Absolutely the best photography firm out there. I contacted CDP on a Sunday needing to get in same day and could not be more happier with the results, insight, instruction and professionalism; would highly recommend.

Katherine Ramirez Avatar
Katherine Ramirez
1/08/2022 - Google

Having a professional headshot felt overwhelming until I met with and was photographed by CDP Commercial. Faithie was professional and fun, allowing the process to run smoothly with shots that turned out better than I hoped for. I would definitely return in the future and recommend peers.

Will Taylor Avatar
Will Taylor
7/04/2020 - Google

I had headshots done for work. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend CDP Commerical Photography to my friends. It was professional and I enjoyed the tips on how to take a better picture. Great job!

Violet Kalta Avatar
Violet Kalta
3/08/2022 - Google

He’s very friendly and very comfortable to work with. Showed me so many different way to take a picture and I was very comfortable and enjoyed our session. Very professional and highly recommend!

Mia Watson Avatar
Mia Watson
6/24/2022 - Google

Had an amazing time and so creative and gives good posses for advice for the future highly recommend!

Heather Mathews Avatar
Heather Mathews
11/25/2021 - Google

Great to work with, made me comfortable in what is typically an uncomfortable experience!

Chelsie Reed Avatar
Chelsie Reed
6/27/2021 - Google

Returned after 6 years for new shots. - perfect for email, website, and all that pro stuff. Love that he poses me and makes sure I look good, I am NOT a selfie girl. Coming back in 1 month for my book launch photos!!!

Jill DeVorkin Avatar
Jill DeVorkin
12/13/2018 - Google

My headshot was perfect ! I used for it for my website and LinkedIn .

Queen J Avatar
Queen J
7/04/2020 - Google

Faithie was extremely professional and im very pleased with his work!

Debra Campbell Avatar
Debra Campbell
9/25/2021 - Google

Faithie was incredible! I learned so much about how to take a good photograph while he was making me laugh and look great!

8/25/2021 - Google

Awesome experience! Took great head shots for my company profile.

Bobioyoyo Webb Avatar
Bobioyoyo Webb
10/30/2022 - Google

10/10 service. Knew what they were doing. Made it a fun experience.

Kaitlyn Lai Avatar
Kaitlyn Lai
6/08/2022 - Google

It was a wonderful experience working with them. They were very helpful in teaching us how to pose. As well as being very attentive to detail as they fixed my hair and dress during the photos.