Need a professional headshot?

CDP Commercial, LLC is a Phoenix Arizona Headshot Photographer.  Are you looking for a modern looking headshots for your Facebook or Linkedin? Please take a look at our portfilio and see the quality!


Over 1,000 professional headshots taken. 5 Stars on Google.

  • Adam Elliott Avatar
    Adam Elliott
    2/19/2019 - Google

    I really appreciate all the tips I was given, new to the whole head shot business and he was definitely... read more

    Steve Hicks Avatar
    Steve Hicks
    6/05/2019 - Google

    Faithie is absolutely incredible!!! If I could give him a 100 stars I would!!! If you want someone who will... read more

    Delisa Jones Avatar
    Delisa Jones
    5/18/2019 - Google

    The service provided was absolutely great! The response time to my initial email came on the same day even... read more

  • Sara Glavas Avatar
    Sara Glavas
    10/10/2019 - Google

    Faithie was fantastic! Very talented, professional, and funny! Very enjoyable experience!

    Rory Margraf Avatar
    Rory Margraf
    9/19/2019 - Google

    I highly recommend CDP Commercial Photography to anyone looking for a professional headshot or photos. From the very beginning, their... read more

    Isaac Tyson Avatar
    Isaac Tyson
    7/04/2020 - Google

    I hire cdp to work on the launch of my brand, they took beautiful pictures of my products. We will... read more

  • Amie Lane Avatar
    Amie Lane
    10/26/2019 - Google

    Fathie was awesome!! I brought my daughter in to help start her acting career and I received the pictures... read more

    Taqiy Muhammad Avatar
    Taqiy Muhammad
    4/27/2019 - Google

    To say that I was pleased with my head shot from CDP photography would be a HUGE understatement. I was... read more

    Cleo Boyd Avatar
    Cleo Boyd
    12/23/2019 - Google

    I needed a head shot on short notice. When the photographer learned I was in from out of time, he... read more

  • Amanda Rusing Avatar
    Amanda Rusing
    3/07/2020 - Google

    Had a great experience and love my photos! Highly recommend!

    Jennifer Hatcher Avatar
    Jennifer Hatcher
    3/13/2019 - Google

    This was a great experience and a wonderful photo... Faithie is a super professional and I couldn't be happier! Can... read more

    George McNamara (US) Avatar
    George McNamara (US)
    6/27/2021 - Google

    Drove 45 minutes to get headshots …. Well worth the drive!

  • Jody Dents Avatar
    Jody Dents
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Had a great time with my session. Showed me how to pose and be relaxed. Professional studio setup...

    Gigi Miller Avatar
    Gigi Miller
    3/01/2020 - Google

    Awesome experience! So great to work with. I came in for a a headshot for an entertainment portfolio. Highly recommend!

    Megan Wiley Avatar
    Megan Wiley
    3/07/2020 - Google

    A great experience! We are getting married in 2 months and we got some great tips for how to pose... read more

  • jenni tyndal Avatar
    jenni tyndal
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Amazing professional experience !! WouldRecommend to everyone who needs headshots or photographer !

    Monica kennedy Avatar
    Monica kennedy
    12/13/2018 - Google

    Very professional, fast, and friendly. I highly recommend this service.

    Norma Encinas Avatar
    Norma Encinas
    11/24/2019 - Google

    I was able to get to in the same day. Very professional service!

  • Katy Kandaris Avatar
    Katy Kandaris
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Faithie and Anna did a fantastic job on my headshots and on my engagement photos. They are professional and do... read more

    Daradee Olson Avatar
    Daradee Olson
    2/13/2019 - Google

    Loved my headshot! Recommend him to everyone!

    Libby Avatar
    5/19/2019 - Google

    Faithie did my headshots and they turned out fantastic! He is very professional and he is an excellent photographer.... read more

  • D Mak Avatar
    D Mak
    10/18/2019 - Google

    Friendly. Knew how to get the money shot. Worth the 45 min drive from Scottsdale. Recommend highly !

    Sharon Gobel Avatar
    Sharon Gobel
    7/19/2021 - Google

    Faithie taught me how to pose and touched up my images to perfection. Super professional and will work with... read more

    Mike D Avatar
    Mike D
    8/14/2019 - Google

    Excellent work!

  • Tristen Gibson Avatar
    Tristen Gibson
    10/08/2019 - Google

    Pictures turned out amazing! Very friendly and professional. Great pricing as well.

    Ali Harper Avatar
    Ali Harper
    7/22/2021 - Google

    Faithie is incredible! His work is beautiful and he makes portraits an experience! He did professional headshots of me, and... read more

    Kristofer Morris Avatar
    Kristofer Morris
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Headshots were amazing!!! I also enjoyed the photographers, they were fun and professional.

  • Queen J Avatar
    Queen J
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Faithie was extremely professional and im very pleased with his work!

    Maria Mejia Avatar
    Maria Mejia
    2/13/2019 - Google

    I had a great experience. My headshot came out wonderful and is now in a magazine.

    Peter Trevino Avatar
    Peter Trevino
    7/08/2021 - Google

    Faithie is a pro, I came in camera shy and left with the camera as a friend. Thank you Faithie….... read more

  • Joseph Remson Avatar
    Joseph Remson
    11/17/2019 - Google

    Referred by a co-worker and the photos were amazing! Faithie was great to work with and really put me... read more

    Warren C Avatar
    Warren C
    7/04/2021 - Google

    I needed to get some headshots for work and decided to use CDP. The headshots came out amazing and Faithie... read more

    Tim Whipple Avatar
    Tim Whipple
    11/02/2019 - Google

    Outstanding service and very affordable! This is the first time I have gotten headshots done that I actually love!

  • Ashley Pelkoski Avatar
    Ashley Pelkoski
    4/02/2019 - Google

    Just got my head shots done for my online profiles! 10/10 experience! Cheap and GREAT quality! Would recommend to anyone... read more

    Prachya Panyakeow Avatar
    Prachya Panyakeow
    7/07/2021 - Google

    Great professional experience. I had my best LinkedIn profile shot from them

    Jim Ruley Opulent RE Avatar
    Jim Ruley Opulent RE
    5/03/2019 - Google

    Great photographer! I’ve now used them twice for professional business headshots and could not be happier!! They know how to... read more

  • Ed W. Avatar
    Ed W.
    8/11/2019 - Google

    I went to CDP Commercial Photography for headshots that I could use for my work and work related social media... read more

    Abby Gutwein Avatar
    Abby Gutwein
    7/19/2021 - Google

    He gave very helpful posing and styling tips. Very efficient and good service for the price!

    Matthew Wright Avatar
    Matthew Wright
    6/04/2021 - Google

    Was in and out and he took amazing pictures! Very glad that I chose to come here!

  • Elsbeth Hurry Avatar
    Elsbeth Hurry
    6/13/2021 - Google

    I have used CDP since 2014 for a wide range of headshots. They do an excellent job. Highly recommend them!

    Lawrence Alonzo Avatar
    Lawrence Alonzo
    5/20/2019 - Google

    Such a pleasure to work with CDP Commercial Photography. Professional + Personable + Educational = Great Experience. We... read more

    Jane Saulnier Avatar
    Jane Saulnier
    7/04/2019 - Google

    I had headshots taken last year, and they were the best photos I've ever had. My colleagues we're jealous of... read more

  • Kate L. Avatar
    Kate L.
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Photos were very professionally done, and the photographers helped me pose with confidence, even though I had never modeled before!... read more

    Cathy Parker Avatar
    Cathy Parker
    10/16/2019 - Google

    Quick and easy appointment and great service. Faithie gave me posing instruction and my headshots turned out amazing!

    Michael Allen Avatar
    Michael Allen
    3/12/2020 - Google

    Faithie is amazing! Great experience and Coaching!

  • Cari Meyer Avatar
    Cari Meyer
    5/15/2019 - Google

    Great head shots! Comfortable environment with helpful advice. Very reasonable rates. Thank you!!!

    Raoul Limeres Avatar
    Raoul Limeres
    6/27/2021 - Google

    This was my first experience with a professional photographer and Faithie made me completely relaxed and educated me about the... read more

    Michaela Fernandez Avatar
    Michaela Fernandez
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Wonderful headshots. Very professional and attentive to detail from start to finish.

  • Monique Lurry Avatar
    Monique Lurry
    9/25/2019 - Google

    Nice, professional, and most importantly PATIENT with me. I highly recommend for your photography needs.

    Victoria Thompson Avatar
    Victoria Thompson
    2/13/2019 - Google

    I love my headshots and they were professional and extremely fast at delivering my final photos. I highly recommend CDP... read more

    Austin Boyd Avatar
    Austin Boyd
    12/23/2019 - Google

    Very satisfied with my photos! I referred my father after receiving mine, and CDP came through again!

  • jackiesellsaz Avatar
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Worth the drive from Scottsdale! I would highly recommend for Real Estate headshots! Faithie is very easy to work with... read more

    Corey Kelleher Avatar
    Corey Kelleher
    2/04/2020 - Google

    Wow!Great energy, very positive and helpful, good sense of humor.I did not do my research when looking for who to... read more

    Solomon williams Avatar
    Solomon williams
    9/12/2019 - Google

    Great personality, expert coaching with photography, a true master of his craft. I was extremely impressed, not only with... read more

  • Lionel Escajeda Avatar
    Lionel Escajeda
    4/06/2019 - Google

    I recently had professional headshots taken here, by Faithie. The process was quick and simple. Faithie has great expertise in... read more

    BigBoiShon (ReeeManXd) Avatar
    BigBoiShon (ReeeManXd)
    7/05/2021 - Google

    The headshots were quick and easy, and the process itself was actually very enjoyable. I had most definitely got what... read more

    Dalaney Nance Avatar
    Dalaney Nance
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Took my headshots a few years ago. They turned out great!

  • Sanja S Avatar
    Sanja S
    7/25/2021 - Google

    Very professional and pleasure to work with. Great quality photography

    R. H. Avatar
    R. H.
    7/10/2021 - Google

    Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Todd L Avatar
    Todd L
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Needed head shots ASAP, and Faithie got me in the same day and did a great job! Very happy... read more

  • Alexander Sainz Avatar
    Alexander Sainz
    2/13/2019 - Google

    Great time fast and easy headshots would recommended to friends!

    Chelsie Reed Avatar
    Chelsie Reed
    6/27/2021 - Google

    Returned after 6 years for new shots. - perfect for email, website, and all that pro stuff. Love that he... read more

    Amy Overlin Avatar
    Amy Overlin
    7/04/2019 - Google

    Had a fantastic experience with Anna who did my recent fitness photos. She is not only professional but makes... read more

  • James Anderson Avatar
    James Anderson
    7/19/2021 - Google

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Erica Glenn Avatar
    Erica Glenn
    2/10/2020 - Google

    Came for acting headshots. Very pleased with the hospitality, the tips, and the final product! Thank you!

    Lisa Lampe Avatar
    Lisa Lampe
    7/04/2021 - Google

    The headshots CDP Commercial Photography did for me were amazing! I honestly believe they helped open doors, because the quality... read more

  • Thomas Avatar
    5/19/2019 - Google

    Excellent customer experience at CDP Commercial Photography. Their professionalism goes above and beyond. The studio is a very comfortable and... read more

    Jessie Vivolo Avatar
    Jessie Vivolo
    7/10/2021 - Google

    SUPER friendly, super helpful and greatest experience! Love my headshots.

    Dusten Jones Avatar
    Dusten Jones
    4/13/2018 - Google

    If you want the best in the business look no further. These guys are the true definition of professional.

  • Vern Egan Avatar
    Vern Egan
    2/13/2019 - Google

    Using photos for film audition. Headshot experience was fantastic.

    Sonia Envy Avatar
    Sonia Envy
    1/09/2020 - Google

    Was a great experience. Love the pictures and make my face and body slimer 🙂 will definitely. Come back... read more

    Kyle Gannon Avatar
    Kyle Gannon
    2/13/2019 - Google

    I had the opportunity to get my professional head shots taken with Faithie. He was a fantastic coach, explaining diligently... read more

  • Kristen Czapla Avatar
    Kristen Czapla
    10/12/2019 - Google

    Faithie was awesome! He made feel so comfortable throughout the whole experience. I was not looking forward to getting my... read more

    Julie Gutwein Avatar
    Julie Gutwein
    7/19/2021 - Google

    Great experience and photos. Thank you!

    Laurie Gyles Avatar
    Laurie Gyles
    7/04/2020 - Google

    Awsome photographer. Made me feel so at ease. These are the first photos of myself that I have... read more

  • Lynda Ragsdale Avatar
    Lynda Ragsdale
    6/21/2019 - Google

    If you need a headshot, or a photographer for any event...a real professional one then you must contact Faithie at... read more

    theresa siler Avatar
    theresa siler
    7/04/2019 - Google

    I am over the moon with the product, and had such a good time having my photographs taken. I'll be back.

    Billy Nichols Avatar
    Billy Nichols
    1/21/2020 - Google

    Faithie did a phenomenal job! He really helped in understanding the right way to take photographs and the right way... read more

  • Sonny Yee Avatar
    Sonny Yee
    7/09/2021 - Google

    Faithie and Anna are great! they are phenomenal at what they do! dont hesitate to use them!

    William Nelson Avatar
    William Nelson
    3/23/2019 - Google

    I recently had Faithie take a few headshots of me for a position I had just accepted. I can barely... read more

    Phoenix Uplighting, LLC Avatar
    Phoenix Uplighting, LLC
    7/20/2021 - Google

    CDP commercial photography did such an amazing job on my head shots. I needed some professional shots for my website... read more

  • Riçk Ried Avatar
    Riçk Ried
    12/06/2019 - Google

    Needed some professional photographs, Faithie was easy to work with and did a fabulous job.Results are awesome!!!Thank you!!

    Jamie Morrow Adams Avatar
    Jamie Morrow Adams
    11/13/2018 - Google

    They do the BEST work. Very professional and high quality. My headshots were fantastic. Highly recommended!!

    Janet S Avatar
    Janet S
    12/13/2018 - Google

    Awesome headshots! Very professional!

  • Brennda Johnson Avatar
    Brennda Johnson
    9/17/2019 - Google

    Amazing photo shoot today. very thorough and detail orientated. Made sure I was comfortable. Needed a basic head shot for... read more

    Clayton Zernich Avatar
    Clayton Zernich
    6/20/2021 - Google

    Amazing experience! Headshots turned out fantastically. Would recommend to anyone looking to have professional photos taken. Faithie is extremely talented... read more

    Chris Sizelove Avatar
    Chris Sizelove
    12/13/2018 - Google

    Absolutely amazing! Extremely talented and professional.

  • Elias F Avatar
    Elias F
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Talk about professional! I mean how I looked in the photo! Wow, I dont think I have ever looked so... read more

    Jason Sherman Avatar
    Jason Sherman
    7/20/2019 - Google

    From start to finish, CDP Photography confirmed to me that I was a genius in selecting them for my headshot... read more

    Mary Simmons Avatar
    Mary Simmons
    8/04/2019 - Google

    I just had some updated head shots taken at CDP Commercial Photography. Faithie and Anna are wonderful to work... read more

  • Michelle Biagi-Bauer Avatar
    Michelle Biagi-Bauer
    8/04/2019 - Google

    Very professional and friendly to work with! Comfortable and very spacious studio. Many photos to choose from. Great pictures and edits!

    Thai Nguyen Avatar
    Thai Nguyen
    9/12/2019 - Google

    Excellent services and very professional. Got my professional headshot done and Faithie was very helpful and did his best to... read more

    Janine Morris Avatar
    Janine Morris
    7/04/2021 - Google

    Great experience! Headshot turned out AMAZING!!! Fun too 👍

  • Sarah W. Avatar
    Sarah W.
    7/19/2021 - Google

    CDP was great to work with. They provided me with high quality, professional headshots. I am not normally... read more

    Kelly Zernich Avatar
    Kelly Zernich
    6/20/2021 - Google

    Came to Faithie about 6 years ago, but because of Father Time, I needed a new one! Didn’t hesitate to... read more

    Cory Davis Avatar
    Cory Davis
    7/19/2021 - Google

    CDP is the best photography business in the Phoenix Valley. They are very professional and amazing to work with. I... read more

  • Will Taylor Avatar
    Will Taylor
    7/04/2020 - Google

    I had headshots done for work. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend CDP Commerical Photography... read more

    Lauren Biagi Avatar
    Lauren Biagi
    4/03/2019 - Google

    Outstanding Photography Company! Anna did an exceptional job with my fitness pictures. She was very professional and knew exactly... read more

    Lorraine D Avatar
    Lorraine D
    7/25/2019 - Google

    Faithie was able to give me a same day appointment. He worked quickly and he was very professional and knowledgeable... read more

  • John Taylor Avatar
    John Taylor
    4/26/2019 - Google

    Fathie is efficient, high-tech, and completely professional. His studio is tucked away in a nice Gilbert neighborhood; for anyone from... read more

    Jill DeVorkin Avatar
    Jill DeVorkin
    12/13/2018 - Google

    My headshot was perfect ! I used for it for my website and LinkedIn .

    Samuel Peres Avatar
    Samuel Peres
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Amazing Service!!! I was able to book same day appointment. Was amazed with his knowledge on how to set up... read more

  • Niko Carrizo Avatar
    Niko Carrizo
    3/07/2020 - Google

    Worth the drive, pictures turned out amazing!

    Blaine Bandi Avatar
    Blaine Bandi
    10/18/2019 - Google

    Great experience from start to finish. Very professional. Highly recommend for anyone that does not enjoy posing for pictures.

    Christine Beckman Avatar
    Christine Beckman
    6/04/2021 - Google

    If you are busy and want the most for your investment of time and money, CDP Photography is a smart... read more

  • Jeff Cox Avatar
    Jeff Cox
    7/09/2021 - Google

    Faithie was extremely professional, friendly, and is an expert with lighting and finding the best angles for headshots.

    William Robinson Avatar
    William Robinson
    7/12/2021 - Google

    Do yourself a favor and book now!! I absolutely LOVE my headshots and use these headshots for everything important!The photo... read more

    Leema Lallmamode Avatar
    Leema Lallmamode
    7/07/2021 - Google

    I was in dire need of a professional picture for my LinkedIn profile. Anna and Faithie at CDP were... read more

  • Paige Thorson Avatar
    Paige Thorson
    6/04/2021 - Google

    We did our Team Real Estate photos and my personal headshots... Great quality. Great location. Faithie was amazing and very... read more

    Shannon Herrmann Avatar
    Shannon Herrmann
    7/21/2021 - Google

    Fathie and Anna are amazing photographers. I enjoyed my time together with them getting professional headshots taken for work. When... read more

    Jan Matthews Avatar
    Jan Matthews
    10/13/2019 - Google

    Fathie is extremely talented and so easy to work with! The real deal in professional headshot photography!

  • Mia Jones Avatar
    Mia Jones
    3/15/2019 - Google

    Great experience! I loved my headshot photo-definitely worth the drive from Glendale. Better than the professional my company hired.

    Becca B. Avatar
    Becca B.
    7/23/2021 - Google

    Such an incredible experience! I had to get a headshot for an upcoming award ceremony. CDP not only worked with... read more


Faithie and Anna are brilliant photographers and lovely people, with the perfect combination of talent, creativity, experience, and equipment that make everyone and everything look their best. I’ve seen their work with commercial properties, residential real estate, weddings, headshots, and more, and they are second to none. True professionals I would highly recommend!

Beth Cox

Realtor, United Brokers Group

without a doubt one of the best service providers I have encountered in 30 years of business!

John Mahoney

Architect/Owner, John Mahoney Architect, LLC

I cannot say enough great things about CDP! They truly are incredible, and deliver beautiful photography every time I contract them. You absolutely will be beyond satisfied with not only their product, but also their delivery and professionalism. I highly, highly recommend them

Lizzy McMillan

ICON Manager, Infusionsoft

Faithie, is an incredible photographer! He will help you grow your business with the various types of photos he can help you with! I recommend him to everyone that I can!

Sonny Yee

Sales Manager, Sterns Mortgage

About Us

CDP Commercial, LLC

3276 E. Oakland Street, Gilbert, Arizona 85295
Tel. 480.620.0333 Fax 480.786.5970
Established 2004

Our mission:

To provide you with the best headshots and corporate portraits that your friends, your family, your clients, and/or your co-wokers will go “WOW, that’s a good picture of you!” We have specialty lighting that will create the “Hollywood” look for most people. All of images on our website has very little to even no touch-ups done. Most people who don’t like the way they look often leave our studio saying “Why didn’t do I this sooner?”.

What do I do before the headshot?

For Ladies- Please do your hair and make up the same way you normally do. As you can see, the ladies on our site look very natural. You can always get your hair and make up done professionally but it’s not required. Remember, less is more.

For Guys- Please do your hair and have a nice solid color shirt. A nice suit jacket, a collared shirt, or a tie are optional.

Pricing for Modern & Traditional Headshots

Expert Coaching

Before you have your headshot taken by us, we will teach you how to pose for your headshot based on your personality and how you would like to portray yourself. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, realtor, business executive, actor, model, or you would like to update your online profile such as facebook, Linkedin or dating profiles, we can help you look and feel your best.   We will teach you how to look your best in your body type.  You will be able to use our posing tips for the future and you will feel more confident the next time you are having your photo taken!



  • 10% off 10 or more people at 1 session
  • 15% off 20 or more people at 1 session
  • 20% off 30 or more people at 1 session
  • 30% off 50 or more people at 1 session


If you need us to set up at your location, the setup fee is $ 300 plus the headshot fee.


Please add 25% extra for faster turn around (less than 24 hours).  Available upon request.

Would you like to make an appointment?

Our studio is located in Gilbert, Arizona. Please use the form below to contact us.

More Info

Please feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions or need a quote for your headshot.

Address: 3276 E. Oakland Street
Gilbert, Arizona 85295

Phone: 480.620.0333

Fax: 480.786.5970

Business Hours: By Appointment Only.

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